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Unique Programs

Unique Offerings that Meets the Needs of Your Child

NorthPointe Christian Schools unique program offerings allow families to choose a program that best fits the need of their individual child.  We understand all students are made in the image of God and education is not a one-size-fits-all.  This means our classrooms incorporate differentiated learning for each child, our Support Services team comes alongside those who need additional help, and our unique programs provide further individualization.

Big Picture Learning

Big Picture Learning at NorthPointe Christian Schools is a student-interest driven, internship-based program that allows students to get out in the real world beginning in 9th grade through 12th grade.  Project-based learning is heavily emphasized, allowing students to learn in a non traditional way.

Spanish Immersion

Students learn a second language by being immersed in the language, in much the same way an infant would.  Students can enter the program as late as first grade or by transferring from another Spanish Immersion program.

Nature-Based Preschool

Our youngest learners have the opportunity to learn in God’s creation.  This program is currently offered for 4 year olds.  Our outdoor space is also expanding to include opportunities for our older students to incorporate nature-based learning.

Home & School Hybrid

Coupled with our belief that parents have primary responsibility in training their children is our desire to partner with families choosing to home educate. Our Home & School Hybrid program provides a social outlet to students and helps shoulder the educational responsibility with parents.   Students meet as a class two days a week with an optional Friday add-on.

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