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Outdoor Learning Nature-Based Preschool

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NorthPointe Christian’s Nature-Based Preschool Program centers on outdoor learning where God’s creation is at the heart.

Learning in God's Creation

Nature-Based learning has the foundation of a Christ-centered, high-quality education, with academic, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual development goals. In a Nature-Based Program, these goals are accomplished through experiences in and with the natural world. From units on seedlings, plants, farm animals, insects, creation, and more, the natural world drives learning. Mud pies in the outdoor kitchen and exploring the outdoor “forest” light up students’ days. Gardening and harvesting vegetables provides life-long skills.

Classroom structure

4s Preschool students will be in the outdoor classroom for half of their morning on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and then transition indoors for snack and activity centers that further enhance their outdoor learning. Outdoor play and nature-based discovery form the backbone of the curriculum and drive indoor classroom activities. Students wear oaki suits to keep them dry, rain or shine.

Benefits of Nature-Based Preschool

Nature is powerful in shaping a child’s development. Research reveals that the outdoor classroom increases sensory engagement and social-emotional development, improves health outcomes, and prepares young learners for future academic success.


Nature-Based Preschool meets Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Students may choose to enroll for only those mornings or add an additional program to enroll five full days. Check out our other Early Childhood supplementary options.

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