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Aaron Tenney

Aaron Tenney
MS/HS Orchestra & HS Band
Groups: Middle School,Elementary Staff,High School
Employed Since: 9/1/2005
15 Years Experience At School

Faith and Learning Statement

Music is one of the greatest blessings God has given us, it can be used to praise Him in ways words cannot express.  I believe that music opens a student’s perception of intangible idea’s and concepts, much in the same way experiencing the greatness and wonder of Gods creation is truly beyond any tangible experience.  It is my goal as director of orchestra’s and elementary music to give students the facilities, focus and motivation to praise Him with their musical gifts.

 In orchestra we learn to perfect our skills as musicians, learning to play perfectly in tune, develop perfect posture, master all scales and read music as others read words.  We do this all for the end purpose of creating music that ministers to both God’s people and seekers in the world.  I believe that the skills, processes, and goals that we use to make great music are also used in growing as a Christian and I try to share this correlation with my students.

As musicians we have a great calling to minister to other musicians. Music is such a part of every person’s life.  We all experience music in various ways every day, whether it be on the radio, on T.V., in a movie or at a concert, music permeates almost every aspect of life.  In orchestra it is my desire to be an influence in this field, to both the performer and the listener.  We annually attend festivals, orchestra and Solo and Ensemble.  It is my desire for our students to be distinctly different, to have a Godly attitude that can be seen by fellow musicians.  Our students also participate in various other musical activities outside the school day, such as the Grand Rapids Youth Symphony, St. Cecilia, Interlochen Arts Camp, or at community functions and weddings.  It is our goal to “Impact the World for Jesus Christ” in these communities, to be a light in the darkness and to practice bringing the gospel of Jesus to others.  I encourage my students to engage in dialogue, as a class, as to what it is like in the world, and how we are called to be not of the world, and how we as Christians can show God to those who may not know Him.   

In our general music classes we have fun making music and worshiping God.  We discuss and practice various ways of worship.  From worship that is rejoicing to worship that is respectful, we try to explore the many different ways to give God glory.  We also develop musical skills and knowledge that will help any student pursue any further musical path such as choir, orchestra or band.

I know that not all students are going to be concert soloists or even purse music in any form of a  career, but it is my desire to pass on the love of music to students and to give them the desire and vision to continue loving music and using music to glorify God.  Our motto is, Psalm 100:1 “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord” and to use that gift to “Impact the World for Jesus Christ”.