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Olga Diaz

Olga Diaz
SI Reading Specialist
Groups: Elementary Staff,Elementary
Employed Since: 9/1/2011
9 Years Experience At School

Statement of Faith and Learning 

Spanish Immersion Reading Support 

When I read the words of Jesus in the Bible, what amazes me more is how simple and at the same time, how deep they are.  I believe it should be the same in our school environment because more than words, we need to show the fruits of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23, love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


As a reading tutor, there are many ways in which I can integrate the Love Mandate in my interactions with students, teachers and parents in the school. I pray every morning that I feel real love, joy, and peace, so when I am with people I only have good wishes for everybody and I can enjoy all the activities while I serve in what ever I can. I love being helpful and I love when I can make a child laugh.  When a child is behaving in an unusual way, I start observing what is happening around him/her so that I can help them solve the problem as soon as possible. As an educator of a second language, I try to make it fun and motivating for the students. If they feel relaxed while they acquire the reading skills everything will develop in a smooth and natural way.


 I feel that my mission in this world should be in agreement with my breadth and scope of cultural awareness.  I believe that the mission mandate goes beyond teaching obedience to God. It is an essential part of this mission teaching tolerance and acceptance. I feel many children don’t have the opportunity to interact with other cultures. I love to let my students know how children live in other countries. I like to tell them what makes these children happy and how God loves them too.  How by acquiring Spanish they will one day be able to communicate with families in Hispanic communities and, by showing love to them, bring them to Jesus.  One of the projects I started with first and second grade was the possibility for them to chat through Skype with children their age in Colombia. These interactions foster in hour students the desire to visit Hispanic countries in the future as tourists or as missioners.


I believe the image mandate is only achieved by contemplating Jesus’ actions of love and dedication to us. I would love to guide these children to see the image of Jesus in a loving mother, in a generous old man, in an obedient boy. I tell children how Jesus decided to come to this world as a poor baby with no physical attractions so that we could understand that beauty for God is not related to physical appearance, but to how we reflect the compassionate and tender love of our creator and redeemer. I teach them that Jesus did not speak English or dress with shirts and pants. That He did not play with the toys they play with. He did not have a TV or a computer and did not have a car to travel with. He walked most of the time. When they understand that circumstances like, language, religions, traditions and “things” don’t alter the image of God within us, it is easier for them to accept people from different backgrounds. It helps them communicate and project what they receive from heaven is most important.