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Middle School Electives

Art:  Students get hands-on experience with a number of different mediums and learn through different eras of art history.

Concert Choir:  Middle School Concert Choir meets every day.  Students concentrate on sight singing, studying different genres of music, preparing for performances, and going to competitions. 

Band:  Middle School Band meets every day.  We hope to encourage the love of music, the ability to read music, the development of their ability to play their instruments, and the desire to minister through music.

Orchestra:  Middle School Orchestra is an award winning performing ensemble for violin, viola, cello, and bass players. In addition to playing many varied orchestra performances throughout the year, musicians have an opportunity to prepare and perform solos and chamber music. Students will also receive instruction in music history and theory. The class repertoire encompasses many styles of music from classical to sacred to jazz.

Technology:  This course gives students a basis for using the Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher) and the Internet for research. Students complete activities that teach lessons on basic functions of the Office programs with interesting and helpful applications of the programs. Students also learn to discern whether information on a website can be trusted as a reliable source for research. We view technology as another tool as we strive to impact the world for Christ. We also recognize and emphasize the responsible use of all technology.  Click to read more about our approach.

Spanish 7 & 8: The study of a foreign language is a vital part of a student's education and introduces students to non-English speaking cultures.  Spanish at the middle school level will prepare the students to continue their studies of foreign language in the high school. Students will practice communicating in the present tense through listening, understanding spoken and written Spanish dialogues, and their own verbal responses. This course will also explore a wide range of cultural aspects of the Hispanic world.  We view the importance of acquiring a second language as one more opportunity to serve Christ in this world. Students who take Spanish 7 & 8 and pass the Spanish placement exam will receive High School credit for Spanish 1.