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Middle / High School


The  Guidance Program exists to support NorthPointe's mission -  of equipping students to impact their world for Jesus Christ - by removing barriers to learning and promoting the intellectual and spiritual growth of its students. The Guidance Department is activitely suppporting NPC's mission by helping each student student discover his or her gifts, strengths, and talents with a view to using them for God’s glory in His kingdom.

Personal and Spiritual Counsel

Issues arise in the lives of students and their families that make academic and spiritual growth difficult. We are committed to helping families with those issues to ensure, as best we can, a positive academic experience at our school. Our advising program helps in this pursuit.

Academic Counsel

Through the guidance office and our advising program, we offer timely and individualized help in setting goals and selecting courses for each year.  Each year the Counselors will meet with students to help direct course requests and an academic plan for their high school years.  

College and Career Guidance

In 11th grade, specific guidance toward post-high school decisions begins. Although academic counseling begins sooner, the details of the college decision-making process begins in September of the junior year.