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School Board

2018/2019 School Board

Our School Board consists of parents of current students of NorthPointe Christian Schools. These parents represent the entire NorthPointe Christian community as they have children in our elementary school, middle school, and high school programs. The Board Members listed below are divided into five committees each focusing on different areas to best serve the school. 

Head of Schools 
Todd Tolsma
Board President
Joan Vander Ziel (2019)

Vice President Nygil Likely (2020)
Secretary Tanya Vander Ark (2019)
Treasurer April VanPutten (2020)

Executive Committee:
Joan Vander Ziel (2019)
Dawn Sackett (2021)
Ryan Schmidt (2021)
Nathan Nymeyer (2020)
April VanPutten (2019)
Nygil Likely (2020)
Tanya Vander Ark (2020)

Education Committee:
Ryan Schmidt, Education Chair (2021)
Steve Shafley (2021)
Joan Vander Ziel (2019)
Connie Sikma (2020)
Carla Hendon (NB)

Operations Committee:
April VanPutten, Operations Chair (2019)
Dan Dapprich (2020)
Brion Doyle (2020)
Nygil Likely (2020)

Stewardship Committee:
Nathan Nymeyer (2017), Stewardship Chair
Tanya VanderArk (2020)

Marketing Committee:
Dawn Sackett (2018),
Marketing Chair
Craig Perry (2021)
*Sara Fink
*Kate Hilts
*Kim Lowitzki
*Brittany Johnson
*Ruthanne Lambert

* = Non Board Member