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Cultivating a Learning Environment of Faith, Knowledge, and Relationships

Cultivating a Learning Environment of Faith, Knowledge, and Relationships in the Home & School Hybrid Program

For nearly 15 years, NorthPointe Christian’s Home & School Hybrid Program has served homeschool students in Kindergarten through 8th grade, offering a ‘best of both worlds’ educational experience – attending school on Tuesday and Thursday, and completing homework on Monday and Wednesday with their family. I recently had the opportunity to visit each Hybrid classroom and ask students a few questions about their experience in the program, where their learning environment is marked by biblical foundations, academic knowledge, and deep relationships with others. Keep reading to learn about why students love NorthPointe Christian, and as you read, consider – Would my child love this environment, too?

Why Students Love the Hybrid Program

Each classroom I visited was filled with joyful, eager students who were ecstatic to share their thoughts with me. Each question I asked had students nearly jumping out of their seats, their excitement and joy so evident. 

In Mrs. Goldberg’s Kindergarten and 1st Grade class, students shared the things they love most about coming to school: science experiments, making friends, and subjects such as math, writing, and science, which teach them more about God and the unique world He made. Several students shared their love for chapel time on Thursday mornings, where they gather with other students to sing, listen to a speaker, and learn more about God’s Word. These Kindergarten and 1st Grade students shared a similar love for and enjoyment of their time at home on Mondays and Wednesdays, where they receive one-on-one attention from their parents, can work at their own pace, and have plentiful opportunities to play with their siblings when their homework is done.

Similarly, Miss DeJong and Mrs. Wynalda’s 2nd and 3rd Grade class joyfully shared what they love about school: learning more about God, seeing their friends, reading, and learning with other students. Many students cited their love for math, reading, and hands-on science experience as highlights of their school attendance. Like the Kindergarten and 1st Grade students, the 2nd and 3rd Grade students shared their enjoyment of Monday and Wednesday homeschool days, where they learn alongside their siblings, have time to sleep in, receive extensive support from their parents, and get to spend extra time with family and friends. 

Mrs. Hagberg’s 4th and 5th Grade students were eager to share their love for school, particularly the opportunity to learn about Jesus in each subject, see their friends, and develop their skills in math and writing. Similar to younger students, they shared their love for Monday and Wednesday homeschool days, where they get to work at their own pace, spend time with their family, and pursue extracurricular hobbies and activities once their homework is done.

Mrs. Bradley’s 6th-8th Grade students shared a common love for Tuesday and Thursday school attendance, as it allows them to build friendships with students in different grades, learn in a smaller classroom environment, and overlap with full-time students for lunch and other activities. Like younger students, they enjoy the flexibility of Monday and Wednesday homeschool days – the ability to go at their own pace, use their time how they want, participate in more extracurricular activities, and have friends over. The 6th-8th Grade students share a love for math, science and history, where they grow in their critical thinking skills, do hands-on science experiments, and learn about historical events, developments, and leaders. 

Each Hybrid student comes to school with a unique set of God-given skills, talents, and interests. In every grade level and subject, they are offered a group of friends to learn with, be challenged by, and share what they’re learning. Similarly, the small, tight-knit classroom communities allow students to share in each other’s joys and trials, encouraging and uplifting each other.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Program Education

Hybrid students benefit from a blend of at-home and in-school learning, where they grow in their faith, knowledge, and relationships. 

Each class of Hybrid students was eager to share about how they are growing in their relationship with Christ. The Kindergarten and 1st Grade students shared their knowledge of salvation and God’s ongoing presence with them, even though they cannot see him. One student poignantly told me, “I learned that God always tells us the truth!”. 

The 2nd and 3rd Grade students told me about everlasting life offered in Christ, God’s unique design of creation, and His ability to do anything, including dying on the cross for the sins of the world! In the 4th and 5th Grade class, students build on their knowledge of God’s redemptive-historical plan found in Scripture, where stories of Abraham, Joseph, and the Israelite exodus from Egypt have taught them to trust in God and obey Him, even in uncertain or constantly-changing circumstances. 

The 6th – 8th Grade students shared their appreciation for Scripture being integrated in each subject, the opportunity to memorize Scripture each week, and receive guidance from teachers and peers on how to grow in their walk with Christ. Students who attend the Hybrid Program receive abundant instruction in Scripture, Christian living, and integrating faith into life. 

Hybrid students similarly grow in their knowledge of core subjects and God’s world. Whether they are in math class, reading groups, doing science experiments, or studying historical figures, each student learns and grows intellectually every day. The community-oriented nature of the Hybrid program allows students to overlap and participate in group studies together, and combined chapel times engage students in worship, prayer, Scripture reading, and more.

Finally, the small, tight-knit classroom environment in the Hybrid program allows students to grow relationally with their teachers, fellow students, and the broader NorthPointe community. A small class size allows students to know their teacher and fellow students well, and receive individual, one-on-one attention when they have questions or concerns. As students grow and advance in the program, they have more and more opportunities to get to know students in the NorthPointe Christian community. 

As early as 3rd grade, Hybrid students are invited to participate in sports, theater productions, and extracurricular clubs. In 5th grade, they are welcomed to participate in band or orchestra. Beginning in 6th grade, they participate in Marketplace alongside full-time 6th-8th grade students, as well as eat lunch with them. This ‘best of both worlds’ approach to education helps students build relationships while learning and growing in Christian community. 

Why Attend the NorthPointe Christian Hybrid Program?

As I concluded my interviews with each class, I asked students why they would encourage other students to attend the Hybrid Program. Here are a few reasons students offered:

  • Learning about God and getting to know others (Jace)
  • Seeing friends and working at home (Anya)
  • Teachers are kind and you learn in a Christian environment (Amber)
  • Your classroom is like a family – you get to build deep relationships with kids across all grades and participate in the NorthPointe community (Ayden)
  • It’s family-centered, allowing you to do homework with your siblings and have Fridays off from school (Sloane)
  • There’s unity because of the common faith in Christ that everyone shares (Brooklyn)
  • It doesn’t feel like school – it’s fun, and the teachers are great! (Max)
  • There are so many opportunities to get to know full-time students, and Marketplace helps you develop business ownership skills (Claire)

Each student gave their reason for loving the Hybrid Program with a smile on their face, and when I asked them, “Wouldn’t it be great to have more friends in your class?”, they cheered! Wouldn’t it be great to send your child to a ‘best of both worlds’ homeschool program that develops their faith, knowledge, and relationships? I know students like Jace, Amber, Ayden, Brooklyn, Claire, and so many others would love to welcome your child into their class.

Curious about what teachers, parents, students, and program alumni have to say about the Hybrid program? Stay tuned for additional blog posts to come and will be linked in the related posts below. 

Interested in a tour or more information about the Home & School Hybrid Program? Get in touch with NorthPointe’s Admissions Team at admissions@npchristian.org. We would love to share more about this program with you!