The Life-Long Impact
of the Home & School Hybrid Program

For almost 15 years, our Home & School Hybrid Program has provided a Christ-centered, family-oriented education to homeschool students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. If you’ve read previous blog posts, you’ll have a good understanding of the Hybrid Program’s purpose and history, teachers, students, and parents. However, the greatest testament to the benefits of this program is our alumni! Each of the alumni we spoke to highlighted the life-long impact the Hybrid Program has had on their academic, interpersonal and spiritual development. 

Academic Development

Each program alumnus we spoke to cited the academic development they experienced in the Hybrid Program, due in no small part to the balanced school schedule, small class size, and academic assistance they received. 

The balanced school schedule (Monday and Wednesday at home, Tuesday and Thursday at school, and Friday off) allowed students to build relationships with fellow classmates, but have Monday and Wednesday to do homework at their own pace, enroll in the Friday Enrichment program (if desired), and participate in extracurricular activities. Their pace on Monday and Wednesday was set by the lesson plan provided by their teacher, allowing them to work ahead and anticipate their workload for the following day. Some alumni cited the at-home days as a key contributor to competency growth in areas where they had learning difficulties (ie. math, reading, etc.), as they could receive individualized support and help from their parents. The at-home vs. in-school balance also helped students clarify information, review material, and ask questions that may not have been clarified in class. 

Alumni cited the small class size and relationships with teachers as another reason they academically thrived in the Hybrid Program. A class maximum of 20 students allows for more individualized attention from teachers and aides, and promotes a tight-knit community among students. One student shared, “Because it was usually a small class, it was easier to build trust with one another and help each other with their walk with God”. The smaller, more intimate class setting helped introverted and extroverted students alike, allowing for close relationships to be formed. Furthermore, this smaller class size enabled them to receive the academic assistance they needed. Several alumni shared their appreciation for their teachers, who were very kind, patient, and helpful when they had questions, needed additional help with a subject, or were having a hard day. 

Interpersonal Development

In addition to the academic benefits offered by the Hybrid Program, our alumni cited the impact the program had on their interpersonal development, both with their families and in the classroom. 

During conversations with Hybrid Program alumni, each of them cited their time at home on Monday and Wednesday as one of the most formative experiences in their interpersonal development. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “The Hybrid Program helped me because I had more time at home to be with my family and helped to build a closer relationship with my mom because she was the one teaching me at home. I could also bond more with my siblings on the home days because I was usually learning and doing assignments with them. The projects that the Hybrid Program does at the end of the year where each family does a project together also helped me to form better relationships and bond with my family members that participated.”
  • “I got to spend time with my siblings on Monday and Wednesday that I wouldn’t have had if we were all in full time school.”
  • “I was able to learn from my mom, which I believe has helped my life-long relationship with her. The Hybrid program allowed me to make friends with people my own age but also allowed me to develop a foundational relationship with my brothers and sisters.”
  • “The Hybrid Program allowed me to see my siblings more often on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I was able to easily ask my parents questions about homework because I was at home. I was able to be more thorough with my work, and had more time to understand questions in assignments.”

Unlike any other educational experience, the Hybrid Program emphasizes the importance of interpersonal development and relationship building beginning in the home (with parents and siblings), then at school with teachers and friends.

Spiritual Development

The combination of a small classroom size, the integration of Scripture in the curriculum, and the influence of Christian teachers significantly contributed to students’ spiritual growth and development. 

A classroom with a smaller number of students permits spiritual growth to happen within friendships. Through chapel and sharing prayer requests, students are encouraged to pray for each other and know each other beyond the surface level. Many alumni shared about the encouragement they received from classmates when they were having a difficult day or needed prayer for a particular concern or struggle. One alumni remarked, “The Hybrid program has such a great Bible program that really helped me to begin the process of moving from the common kids Bible stories to learning the background of the books of the Bible to learning how to apply Scripture to daily life. It provided me with the tools and drive to begin studying the Bible more in depth. I really valued how we were able to have discussions about Christ within the classroom and that it was woven throughout the entire curriculum. My walk with Christ was impacted as I watched my parents, teachers, and even my peers live out their faith in their daily lives. It inspired me to pursue the Lord deeper.”

Students similarly reflected on their teachers, whose godly influence contributed to their spiritual growth. One alumni remarked, “every teacher that I’ve had shared the love of Christ with all of the students and was not afraid to hide it”! Another commented, “every teacher was willing and wanting to talk to me about my spiritual life, and many teachers told me they prayed for me, which meant a lot”. One student reflected on a spiritually difficult time in her life, which her teachers recognized and intentionally sought to encourage and support her throughout it. 

This combination of a small classroom size, the opportunity to learn about Scripture in each subject, and the influence of godly teachers has had a life-long impact on Hybrid Program alumni, even years after they completed the program.

Preparing the Whole Student for Success in Life

The combination of academic, interpersonal, and spiritual development the Hybrid Program offers contributes to each student’s holistic development. After their time in the Hybrid Program, students go on to complete high school, and the majority attend college. Some are even pursuing graduate degrees in theology, physical therapy, and other areas of study. Because of the Hybrid Program, students leave with a solid biblical foundation, expansive academic knowledge, and diverse skills in critical thinking that prepare them for God’s calling on their life. 

We are grateful for the almost 15 years of the Hybrid Program, and are excited to witness how God continues to use this program in the lives of our students, both during the program and after.

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