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What is unique about NorthPointe Christian Schools?

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Is NorthPointe accredited?

Yes, NPC is accredited through North Central Accreditation and Christian Schools International.

Are teachers certified?

Yes, NorthPointe teachers are certified teachers.   

How many students attend NorthPointe?

Over 800 students are part of NorthPointe Christian Schools.  
High School = approx. 350 students
Middle School = approx. 150 students
PreK & Elementary = approx. 300 students

What is the student/teacher ratio?


Do you offer public transportation?

NorthPointe Christian offers some transportation options based on yearly interest.  A free shuttle runs between our Leonard St. campus (conveniently located near The Beltline & 196) and Russwood St. campuses each day.  Dean Transportation is available for those that live in Grand Rapids Public School District.  We assess additional busing requests each year and have the option to extend busing services dependent upon need.    

What time is your school day?

NPC Elementary School:  8:00 am - 3:00 pm
NPC Middle & High School: 7:45 am - 2:35 pm

What is Spanish Immersion?  

NorthPointe Elementary's Spanish Immersion Program is a highly effective method of teaching children a second language at an early age through immersing them in a spanish language environment.   Click to learn more.  

Are you affiliated with one single church or denomination?

No, NorthPointe Christian Schools' families and staff come from over 100 churches and many different denominations.  

Is NorthPointe affordable for my family?

NorthPointe Christian donates over $400,000 to families every year in tuition help.  We invite you to investigate our tuition assistance options.