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"Let us LOVE not in word or speech but with ACTIONS and in TRUTH"    I John 3:18


The High School chapel program allows NPC students to be challenged by guest speakers, participate in corporate times of worship, and have opportunities to develop relationships with other students through senior led prayer groups.  Our overall goal is show our students what it means to Love the Lord with all their heart, grow and mature through the teaching of his Word, and develop transparent relationships with their high school peers.

Challenging Speakers

Our speakers come from a variety of places in our community.  They might includes local pastors, business leaders, lay leaders, or organizations that we believe will challenge our students in their walk with the Lord.


Each week, we are led in worship by one of a variety of student led worship teams.  This is a great opportunity for our students to not only lead their peers and bring them to the foot of the cross in worship, but to edify the body of Christ in exercising their gifts in music.

Prayer Partners

This is a unique and special opportunity for our seniors to get involved with underclassmen.  It is our goal that this times give the opportunity to develop relationships, encourage each other, and lead to discipleship in their walk with the Lord.  It is also a great avenue for our seniors to not only lead, but be climate setters in our school.

As followers of Christ, we have a great opportunity to be a witness to the world around us simply by how we treat each other in the body of Christ.  Not only is it important, it is one of the true marks that show we truly follow Christ.  We want those who may be watching our students recognize their behavior towards each other is truly marked by love.  Christ gives us the ultimate example and we should follow in His steps!