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Grounded In God's Word

The Bible is foundational at NPCS.   NorthPointe gives intentional time to biblical literacy through daily Bible classes.  Students are encouraged to begin memorizing scripture from an early age through high school.  The Bible is weaved through every subject at every level. 

"I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart."  Psalm 40:8 

Preschool & Elementary

Our teachers help children understand that God is the center of our life, that all the things we do should glorify Him, and that all the things we learn should be from the perspective of God's Word.   Our Bible curriculum builds as students progress through elementary school.   Weekly scripture memory begins in 1st grade. 

Middle School

Daily Bible classes focus on a greater understanding of the books of the Bible and how they weave together to tell the central story about Christ's sacrifice for us.  

High School

Daily Bible classes develop students' ability to interpret scripture and to understand how the Bible shapes our beliefs and forms our worldview.  NorthPointe Bible teachers' goal is to ignite in each student a love of scripture.