Continuous Enrollment
Re-enrollment Simplified!

Continuous Enrollment

With growing enrollment, continuous enrollment ensures we never give away a NorthPointe student’s seat unless we hear directly!  And this process will be easier for parents and NorthPointe alike!  Re-enroll this year and you’re set until you tell us otherwise.

Individual student links will be emailed directly to you for you to get started!

March 1st Deadline

This year we are holding your students’s spot (in their current program) through March 1st! Re-enroll by then to continue saving their spot. Next year we will hold your student’s spot unless we hear otherwise.

Non-refundable Tuition Deposit

Our yearly re-enrollment fee is now a continuous enrollment tuition deposit of next year’s first month’s tuition (or 1/11th of tuition). After you re-enroll, your tuition deposit secures your spot and is applied to next year’s tuition. This financial commitment to attend next year helps NorthPointe budget appropriately as we begin hiring teachers and planning for the correct number of students. You will NOT be charged two payments in one month; we are pushing back this year’s tuition schedule by one month to accomodate this. “But what if we move? What if I receive tuition assistance?” Click here for FAQ answers to these questions and more!

Next Year’s Tuition

View 2023-2024 Board approved tuition rates. As always, families for which tuition is a hardship, we recommend applying for tuition assistance.  An application is required annually. Our tuition assistance deadline is March 1st. Apply for tuition assistance.

Adding a Sibling or Changing a Program?

Take action early; space is limited! For new students, you can begin a new application here. If you would like to request a progam change, you’ll have the option to indicate that on your re-enrollment form.

Early Childhood and Kindergarten

Preschool and DK students will still be asked to re-enroll each year due to the variety of program options. Kindergarten students will also re-enroll for the final time into a continuous enrollment contract.

Not returning?

Please let our team know and we will send you a withdrawal link.


Reach out to our admissions team or view our FAQs.