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Through a progressive curriculum, students learn basic principles of music while developing their own musical creativity.  Students attend weekly or biweekly and their learning culminates in two annual concerts.   The elementary music curriculum sets the groundwork for our award-winning Middle & High School music programs.

Art Education

Students explore art through the use of a variety of mediums while learning foundational elements, principles and techniques.  Students learn art forms from different eras and are trained in a variety of techniques.  Classrooms and hallways proudly display our students' creative work.  Kindergarten through 5th graders enjoy art class once a week from a specialty art teacher. 

Physical Education

Students get up & get moving in their gym classes twice a week.  Our gym teacher gives students the opportunity to engage in different athletic units where they get a chance to learn the rules and participate in many games. They practice different skills, and learn through play. 

Media Center / Computer Lab

Students learn to use technology in our Mac Computer Lab.  Edu Typing is implemented to teach proper keyboarding, and students use programs like PowerPoint, Publisher, and Google Docs to learn how to display and present information in different and creative ways.  The Computer Lab schedule is once per week, with the ability for teachers to schedule extra lab time when needed for special class projects or assignments.


Chapel is the “exclamation point” at the end of our week here at the elementary.  Click to learn more.  


Students not enrolled in our Spanish Immersion Program attend 90 minutes of Spanish instruction through the week.  Young learners enjoy songs and games from our Spanish teacher that introduce them to the language and culture.  The games, projects, and activities done through this program build a great grammatical and vocabulary foundation for the foreign language programs offered at our Middle and High School.

Fiesta Fridays

Fiesta Fridays are a fun component of our foreign language program.  We are blessed with teachers who come from several different Spanish speaking countries.  On Fiesta Fridays they teach our students about their culture and often sample cultural foods.

Beginner Orchestra and Band (Grade 5): 

Students have the opportunity to participate in band or orchestra in 5th grade.  Students learn the building blocks of their chosen instrument in preparation for our outstanding Middle / High School Music Program.