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Elementary Student Union (Resource Program)

Program Vision Statement:  Students with unique needs achieving their God given potential.
Program Mission Statement: To provide differentiated inclusive Christian education to the glory of God.

We believe that special education is a service, not a place; it is people and plans, not programs. NPC Elementary has a fully staffed education team in place to service a broad range of learning needs.  Our Inclusion Model reflects our philosophy that students with unique needs learn best in the classroom environment with their peers.  

In addition to classroom inclusion, qualified students may also utilize the Student Union resource room as a place to receive one-on-one instruction or other specialized accommodations.  SU teachers use specialized, effective tools in this quiet learning environment to help children meet their academic goals.  Focus areas often include (but are not limited to) math, reading, memorization, study skills, and test taking strategies.  Student Union teachers partner with the student, parents, and classroom teacher to determine specific learning needs, and tailor a plan to help each child achieve their God given potential.

Family Spotlight: read one family's journey with our inclusion program here.