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Elementary School & Home Hybrid
School and Home Hybrid

NorthPointe Christian School welcomes all families who are seeking to offer their children a Christian education whether that takes place in the traditional full-time model, in a 2-Day School & Home Hybrid model, or in home-schooling.

For families who are interested in a School & Home Hybrid, NPCS currently offers 2 basic programs that are designed to support parents in their desire to participate in the educational process with their children.

1) 2-Day Program   meets twice a week for grades 1-6.

2) Friday Enrichment Classes for grades 1 - 6.

School & Home Hybrid families are valued members of the NPCS community and may participate in some activities and events that are available for full-time students such as field trips, fine arts programs, Grand Parents Day, Track & Field day, Picture Day, some sports, etc.

As you read through the details of these programs found on this website, you will notice that faith, parents, and scholarship are at the heart of our programs.

Our Faith in the redemptive power of Jesus Christ guides our beliefs and practices and unites our partners in education. We believe that all knowledge is compatible with Christian belief and that moral training is necessary to help learning find its ultimate fulfillment in service.

Research indicates that the single most influential factor in a child's educational performance and emotional, social, and spiritual development is an involved parent. Therefore our School & Home programs offer parents time, opportunity, and tools not only to inform their children's minds, but also to disciple their children to be wholeheartedly devoted to God.

Since preparing students to Impact their World for Christ is the mission of NPCS, Scholarship is essential. Consequently we choose curriculum that challenges children intellectually yet will not squelch a child's natural love of learning. We desire to flame the fire of a child's God given inquisitive nature and his God given bent in life.


School & Home Hybrid Coordinator