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Dual College Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?

NorthPointe Christian High School dual enrollment program provides collegiate education opportunities for high school students who meet the admission requirements of the institution they would like to attend.

How Many Courses can a high school student take?

Students are able to take up to 10 courses throughout their high school career with the state of Michigan covering the majority of the cost.  

Who Qualifies?

Students who are 14 and pursuing a high school diploma.  There may also be GPA requirements and ACT/SAT score requirements based on the institution you wish to attend and the courses you wish to take.

What is unique to NPC?

NorthPointe works with students to provide space within their school day schedule to take advantage of dual enroll opportunities. NorthPointe Christian students are graduating with college credit and taking classes such as Cultural Anthropolgy, Micro-economics, Business Marketing, Business Management, Audio and Film production, Spanish, Music Composition, Art History etc.  This broadens their educational experience and offers a substantial financial savings.