Who is an Outstanding Christian?

30 years ago at a Christian high school, I asked students this: “Which currently living person do you think is an outstanding Christian, and why do you think so?”
I guessed most would name a famous person: I was wrong.  Nine out of 10 named persons close to home: friends, pastors, teachers, parents, and, maybe you guessed it, grandparents.

  • “My grandma uses everything that she has for God.  Even though she 70 and has arthritis, she works hard for the church every week.”
  • “My grandfather because he sings with the Christian songs on the radio.  He lives what he says like taking in an entire family when their house burned down.’
  • “My grandparents are a great support to all our family.  My grandmother has cancer, but they rely on God so much I do not think anyone could meet them and say there is no God.”
  • “I really respect my Aunt Jane because she didn’t lose faith when she and her husband couldn’t have children.  She instead thanked God for the opportunity to adopt a child and love this child as one of her own.”

At NPC, we treasure grandparents; we see you as “unsung heroes” in helping nurture your grandchildren to walk in God’s ways.