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"I so appreciate how NorthPointe is so intentional in staying Christ-centered and how they are unashamed to be founded in the Bible and in Christ.  My husband and I just truly can't imagine our children being anywhere else."
 -NPC parent and alumni

Distinctly Christian

At NorthPointe Christian Schools, faith is not an add-on, but rather the foundation of who we are.  NPC's educational culture and community are defined by our committment to Christ.  Our teachers love God wholeheartedly, our curriculum is enriched by faith, and our student leaders create a spiritually vibrant atmosphere.

Intentional Growth

Our intentional ways of strengthening faith include, but are not limited to: 

Faith Integration

Christian principles are weaved throughout our entire curriculum - at every subject, every level, every day. 

Bible Classes

From our preschool to high school, NorthPointe is grounded in the Word of God.  We devote time to teaching biblical literacy and Bible memorization.  

Small Groups

Upper grade levels meet with small groups to pray together and keep each other accountable.  At the elementary level, the teacher devotes time each day to pray and have devotions with students.  

Weekly Chapel

Chapels are an exciting time when our student body comes together to worship and be challenged in their faith. These occur weekly at the elementary and bi-weekly at the middle/high school. Click to learn more.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Twice a year at our middle & high school, NorthPointe has daily chapels that focus on our yearly theme.  Students usually are given time to respond to a spiritual challenge.  

Service Projects

Service projects take place in every grade.  This takes on varying forms, such as visiting nursing homes, helping at a local pro-life center, or collecting donations for a nonprofit. 

Mission Trips

NorthPointe mission trips include serving in Jamaica & Alaska.  NorthPointe anticipates expanding our mission program this year to include additional opportunities.  

Moms In Prayer

NorthPointe is grateful to have praying moms!   This group meets weekly throughout the year to pray for each students.