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Todd Schenck

High School Bible Teacher
Year Start At NPC: 1996

I love teaching and the relationships that I have established with former and current students, whom I hope to impact for Jesus Christ and his kingdom.

Faith & Life


Mr. Schenck has taught at NorthPointe Christian for 26 years. He graduated from Butler University and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He is married to Nancy for 27 years and has three children; Hannah, Landis, and Wyatt. Mr. Schenck also has a new grandson; Wesley.

Statement of Faith

Mission Statement:
Preparing students to impact their world for Jesus Christ

Great Mandates:
1. The Love Mandate: “Love the Lord your God…Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:37-38
2. The Mission Mandate: “Go and make disciples…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:18-20
3. The Image Mandate: “Be fruitful…fill the earth…subdue it…rule over every living creature…” Genesis 1:28

Personal Implementation:
As a student of the Word of God and a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, my life and teaching will manifest my commitment and love for God and neighbor. My desire is to teach students to better understand God’s Word, to discern the philosophies of the world and to disciple others from a distinctively biblical Christian worldview. It is my hope and prayer that I communicate exuberance for life lived in obedience to God and upmost confidence in his Word.

The Love Mandate:
Teaching students to love God and neighbor is a significant part of my teaching. I try to do this not only by word but through deed. Service and sacrifice need to be lived out. Students will hear what I say, but be more prone to imitate what I do.

The Mission Mandate:
An integral part of my mission here at NPC is to prepare the students to discern and disciple. My ardent desire is to see each student exemplify a distinctively Christian worldview and to seek to disciple others through word and action.

The Image Mandate:
As vice-regents of the King, it is important that we live lives worthy of our calling. It is my hope that the students learn servanthood and stewardship, for we who have committed our lives to our Lord are in process of redeeming culture and building the kingdom until the return of the King.

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