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Cheryl Brugel

High School English Teacher
Year Start At NPC: 2022

I am excited to work at NPC where I can integrate my faith into the classroom. When God wanted to reach us, He spoke and recorded His words to us in the Bible. God obviously values words and communication. I love it that I can teach English, helping students appreciate words. Whether through reading good literature, crafting a quality paper, or organizing a speech, my desire is to help students value the gift of communication and grow in their use and understanding of the spoken word.

Faith & Life


Mrs. Brugel graduated from Cedarville University and took her first teaching job at a Christian school in the West Michigan area where she worked for 13 years. While there, she continued her education at GVSU. She stepped away from the classroom to stay home with her 4 children but continued investing in children at her church where she was the Sunday School Superintendent and regular teacher. She is excited to return to the classroom this Fall at NPC. She enjoys traveling with her family to fun locations like the Grand Canyon, Washington DC, and Myrtle Beach as well as going out to eat ALONE with her husband, Steve.

Statement of Faith

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”(John 1:1). Christ was God’s Word to all of us to point us to God. Ultimately, through the power of the Holy Spirit, God enabled men to write the 66 books of the Bible so that all people could come to know Christ. Obviously, God values language as His way of communicating Truth. As an English teacher, it is my desire that students learn to join God in valuing communication.

God loves all people! That’s why He sent Christ to rescue us.  Much of my English class is teaching students to understand literature. I like this definition of literature: “A sincere representation of a view of life expressed in appropriate and memorable terms.” As a follower of Christ, I want my students to recognize that literature is a way to understand life from various cultures and backgrounds. Some authors are believers, but many are not. Each author brings to his/her writing a “view of life.” God still loves these authors and uses them to help us appreciate God’s diverse creation and discern truth.

God’s love for us has “feet.” He gave us the tool of language to reach lost people! English can help broaden students’ love for others. Initially, my goal is to grow their appreciation for people different from them. Beyond that, however, I want English to be a class where students can compare the views of life expressed in the literature we read with God’s true view of life.  As an English teacher, I also want to develop my students’ communication skills, specifically through writing and speaking. Through literary responses and various writing lessons, my desire is to both model and teach good writing so that students will be effective in communicating. I hope that students will use these skills to “impact their world for Christ.”

Every person is made in God’s image. As image bearers, we are creative, discerning, relational, organized and more. My students can reflect God’s image as they write fun, creative stories because God is the ultimate creator. In English, we will also practice discernment, carefully evaluating literature through the lens of Scripture. We can reflect God relationally as we learn to listen to one another during discussions and appreciate different viewpoints in class. We also reflect God relationally when we seek to write accurately for our intended audience. We also reflect God’s order as we learn to structure our writing so that it is organized and readable. Overall, I want to teach my students to appreciate the Word and words to mirror God gift of His own image back to Him.

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