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Big Picture Learning

An education as individual as you! 

At NorthPointe Christian, we believe that God has uniquely created each of our students and we utilize a variety of ways to best equip each individual student to impact their world for Jesus Christ.  Big Picture Learning at NorthPointe Christian (previously known as NorthPointe's Personalized Learning Community) is a non-traditional learning environment for students of all ability levels.  The curriculum is a tailor made, individual and interest-based approach, with emphasis on hands-on learning and real world experience.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is at the core of this program.  Personalized learning occurs when the student has a degree of choice over his or her education in terms of delivery, context, and pacing. The student’s interests, experiences, and abilities guide his or her learning, making new information more relevant and meaningful. This approach has the potential to build the students capacity and desire to learn beyond the scope of the classroom.

But what if my child doesn't know his or her interests?  Great Question!  Click here for more info!

Real-World Experience

Big Picture Learning connects students with people and places in the real world to an even greater extent than traditional education.  Students will spend three days in the building and two days in the real world.  Individualized curriculums include observations and work experiences in local businesses and agencies. These opportunities give students greater insight into their skills and talents and will allow their gifts to shine.  Additional opportunities include micro businesses, service projects, extracurricular activities (sports, arts, clubs, social events) and foreign travel.  Recent internships have included Meijer Gardens horticulture, Ada Veterinary Clinic, Berger Chevrolet, just to name a few.  Our internships are as varied as our students.
Click here to learn more about our internship programs.

Relational Focus

Discipleship, individual advising, and mentoring are cornerstones of this program.  Students develop their own academic goals, with direct one-on-one guidance from an advisor (teacher) who is committed to “training up a child in the way he/she should go" and parental input.   Our newest advisor Noel Hayden shares "I'm excited to build amazing relationships with students, getting to know them on a deeper level and grow in our faith together."  BPL students are part of a small group of students (approximately 20) that work together from 9th grade through graduation.  Student will still have the opportunity to participate in NorthPointe chapel, athletics, and other school wide activities.  

Big Picture Learning Affiliate 

Big Picture Learning at NorthPointe Christian is part of a network of Big Picture Learning schools. At NorthPointe, we are able to incorporate the Big Picture distinguishers into a Christian worldview within a deeply rooted biblical community.  
  Click to watch a student at an affiliate BPL school.

In the News

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A Variety of Learners

We've been asked: what type of student is this for?  The short answer is: any!  Some students learn best with a hands-on curriculum and learning style, and some students desire an education where they can pursue their interests in greater depth.  We have students with varying academic interests; some are already seeking to take college credits and others are desiring to go straight into the workforce.  Parents of students of all ability levels who think that this model provides the most appropriate education for their son or daughter’s future are invited to apply.

Space for Big Picture Learning is limited.  Click above to apply.

Questions?>  Contact Representative Bill VanDyk with further questions or click here to request more information. Phone: 616.942.0350 x276, email