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Interest-Based Internship Placement

The average high school student is still discovering who they are and where their interests lie.  Our Big Picture Learning (previously NorthPointe Personalized Learning Community) advisors view a primary part of their job as helping students discover who God created them to be.  Prior to being launched into internships, students go through a lengthy process of gift assessment tests and one-on-one advising with parents and their advisor.  The wonderful thing about going through this process in high school is that Big Picture Learning grads will be far more prepared for any college and career decisions!

Students will have job shadowing experiences with their class and the opportunity for multiple internships of their choice over the course of four years.  Students will be coached through the application and interview process. 

NorthPointe's internships process and benefits will be similar to that of one of our affiliate schools, seen here:

Student Internships

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