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Tuition Info

“I would choose NorthPointe Christian Schools for my kids over again in a heartbeat.  It’s affected who my kids have become - the type of college and career they pursued, how grounded they are in Christ, and even who they married.  I could have a nicer retirement home if we had chosen differently, but it was worth the investment.”  Parent of NPC alumni

Value & Investment - We believe Christian education is one of the best investments parents can make for their children. We, as a school, strive to partner with parents and churches to raise up children who love the Lord and are equipped to best serve in the world where God places them now and once they graduate from our school.  We are committed to making Christian education as affordable as possible and offer ways to cut costs.

Tuition 2019/2020

Up to 50% tuition assistance available - details below

Grade Level       Yearly Tuition    Monthly
Preschool - see below      
Young Fives   $2,550 $213
3 Day Kindergarten   $4,400 $367
5 Day Kindergarten   $6,725 $561
Grades 1-5   $7,900 $659
Grades 6-8   $8,750 $730
Grades 9-12   $9,475 $790
Home/Hybrid K-6   $3,250 $271
Hybrid Fridays K-6   $1,185 $99
Hybrid Combo K-6   $4,275 $357
Home/Hybrid 7-8   $5,000 $417


2019-2020 Preschool Yearly Rates

  Half Day   Full Day
2 half days $1,320 2 full days $2,640
3 half days $1,980 3 full days $3,960
4 half days $2,640 4 full days $5,280
5 half days $3,300 5 full days $6,600

Nature-Based Preschool
M/W/F mornings $2,340
M/W/F all day     $4,320
Cost included membership to Blandford Nature Center

Multi-Child Discount

Tuition Reduction Options

NorthPointe is committed to keeping Christian education as affordable as possible to each family as possible.  We have several ways to help families bring down their tuition costs, each listed below.  Over 100 of our families receive tuition assistance and most of our families utilize TRIP.

Tuition Assistance

Each year, the board of NorthPointe Christian Schools sets aside a significant amount of money to help parents whose income would not normally allow them to pay full tuition.  This assistance may pay up to 50% of tuition for qualifying families.  This assistance is available for full-time students grades K - 12th and is not to be combined with the multiple student discount.   Click here to apply for tuition assistance.

T.R.I.P. - Tuition Reduction Incentive Program

The Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP)  is an easy way to reduce your tuition costs.  Families who use TRIP can potentially save hundreds of dollars on their tuition bill. You simply enroll in TRIP, order gift certificates from many local and national restaurants and businesses at face value, and receive a percentage of the purchase as a credit toward your TRIP account. The percentages vary from 2% to 20%, depending on the business. Your TRIP credit is applied to your account twice a year. Instant TRIP is available in the elementary and high school offices, and orders can be made online.  Click here for TRIP forms.

NPC Family Referring Family Incentive

This program is available for families presently enrolled in NorthPointe Christian Schools.  For every family that you recruit to enroll their child(ren) at NorthPointe Christian Schools, you will receive a credit per family off your tuition bill.  When you talk to friends and family about NorthPointe Christian Schools, make sure they write your name as the referring family on their application.  You will receive a $500 credit (K-12th grade student) or a $250 credit (preschool student) for referring the new family to NorthPointe Christian Schools.