Sara Scripps

Elementary Music Teacher
Year Start At NPC: 2015

I love music and use it as a way to honor and praise God, which is where I grew in my passion for Christ and His plan for my life. I knew teaching and shepherding kids were my spiritual gifts and that God wanted me to use them for His glory. I also knew music was the door God was opening. Since 2015, I have been teaching at NorthPointe Christian Schools and have loved every minute of it. Honoring God through music and teaching children to do the same is my life’s work.

Faith & Life


Sara received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Cornerstone University in 2014. Sara has been singing and playing instruments her whole life. She started her teaching career at NPC and has never left- knowing God placed her here with a purpose and calling. Sara was recently married to Nate Scripps on June 1st, 2023. They attend Frontline Church in Grand Rapids, MI. She loves animals, especially their two huskies, Blitz and Nollie. You’ll likely find Sara outside with her husband; whether she is snowboarding, hiking, golfing, kayaking a local river, rollerblading, or biking.

Statement of Faith

I wish I had had positive Christian role models in my daily life as a young child. My Christian faith did not start there. My walk with God started and flourished because the Holy Spirit chose me and created a desire in me to know more about the Trinity. Many times we learn about the importance of the Father and the Son, but God the Spirit changed my life just as much as God the Father and God the Son did. All these Persons made me the woman I am today. I am forever grateful.

My parents didn’t attend church, even on Christmas or holidays. My grandparents brought me to church when we visited them, but that church was mainly older people; my brother and I found it boring. None of my siblings and few of my friends were Christian. but I just knew there was something more to this life. Where did I come from? Why was I so special? What was my purpose? I asked all these questions as a very young child but never received answers.

I had a good friend, a Christian neighbor, who invited me to something called VBS (Vacation Bible School). Shetold me there would be games, snacks, songs, and lots of fun! We had the best time; everyone was kind and welcoming. I felt the pull from the Spirit to keep coming back, so I asked her mom if she would bring me to church with them on Sundays. I didn’t realize it then, but I know now the Holy Spirit was pulling on my heart, listening to my willingness, and showing me truth. In John 16, Jesus describes the Spirit as a counselor who will guide us in our everyday lives. I love Verse 13: “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth.” That’s how I felt the first time I went to VBS, then the church followed by years of youth group, church camps, and eventually a Christian college; I felt the Spirit was showing me Jesus’ work and God’s truth. I learned God created me in His image, that He loved me expected me to love others, and that He created me for a great purpose to teach others the truths I had been shown.

When I have sinned, God has shown me grace. When I have wronged God, He reached out his hand and called me back home to Him. When I have faced great trials, n ever, He has covered me with a blanket of love.  Somethings I know only came from the Spirit’s guiding me. God is carrying me along on His plan for my life. I am here to better the kingdom of God through my teaching, to equip future leaders to love God, love each other, and obey their callings to God’s perfect plan. I believe that the Bible is truth, inspired by God. I believe that Jesus died and rose on the third day to wipe away my sins and reconcile my relationship with God. I have faith that if I trust and follow His plan, it will be good.

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