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NorthPointe’s Spanish Immersion Grows into Middle School

March 07, 2017
By K. Lowitzki

NorthPointe Christian School’s Spanish Immersion Program
, currently Preschool to 5th grade, will expand next year with a Secondary Continuing Immersion Program at NorthPointe Middle School.

As with our current Spanish Immersion Program, NorthPointe’s Secondary Continuing Immersion Program has a strong commitment to excellence and best practices in immersion learning.  NPC will continue to use the expertise of add.a.lingua, whose model of immersion is based on thorough research and proven student outcomes.  We believe this third party accountability will help NPC reach our program goals of:

<>  Academic achievement equal to or greater than monolingual peers

<>  High degree of proficiency in both Spanish and English language

<>  Increased cross-cultural sensitivity

Ultimately, NorthPointe looks forward to graduating fully bilingual students who are “equipped to impact their world for Jesus Christ.”

NorthPointe’s Secondary Continuing Immersion Program will build on the current PreK-5th immersion model in a move to an English/Spanish split.  Students will be with their English language counterparts for the first part of the day; the second half of the day students will learn language arts, history, and Spanish academic enrichment with a Spanish-speaking teacher.

NorthPointe Christian School is going to build on the solid foundation these immersion students have, and is really positioned to be a leader in the area. We’re thrilled to continue to link arms with them,” said add.a.lingua co-founder Lilah Ambrosi.

Continuing Immersion students will still participate in the other exciting initiatives that take place in NorthPointe’s middle school such as Middle School Marketplace (an intercurricular business creation), J-term, Empty Bowls, our school play, and other school-wide activities.

Middle school principal Megan Willink shared,“We believe adding Secondary Continuing Immersion Program to our middle school is going to not only enable fluency for our Spanish-speaking students but provide enrichment for our English students as the two groups of students merge and partner together in certain classes and school wide events.”

It’s so encouraging when a leadership team and a learning community see and embrace the power of dual language immersion education—and then take on the challenge of secondary continuing immersion in a way that research shows is best for learners. Our hats are off to the NorthPointe Christian team,” added Stacey Vanden Bosch, add.a.lingua co-founder.

Curious to know more about this program?  Please contact Admissions Rep Brittany Noll at 616.942.0363, email.