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Ruth Timmerman

Ruth Timmerman
Ruth Timmerman
HS Teacher/Big Picture Learning/Student Union
Groups: High School

Faith/ Learning Statement
Ruth Timmerman--Bible, Big Picture, Student Union

I am a firm believer in God’s goodness and faithful provision regardless of the brokenness which surrounds us. I say this first, to lay the ground-work for loving people just as they are; right where they are; like God does for me. The in, out, and up of the mandates are best summarized below.

Christ constantly asks us to love God and others, otherwise known as the ​LOVE MANDATE, and this will take us on a journey of the very “daily.” It takes much less energy and time to be kind; to bring people ​in​ through love.

My interaction with staff, students and to those whom I belong, works itself out in various spaces, having accepted the charge to support Bible 9, Big Picture Learning, and Student Union this school year. The​ LOVE MANDATE​ spills out of me as Christ lives in me: one-on-one student connections, teaching curriculum heavy with God’s rescue plan through Jesus Christ, kind emails, acknowledging individuals in the hall and lunchroom, redirecting others to help one another, and inviting authentic conversations beyond the classroom regarding faith in God, our Creator. There are no two days alike; it is my daily intention to love in the classroom, my home church, family, friends and community.

The​ MISSION MANDATE ​follows from the love mandate. Mission is the going ​out​ to bring others ​in.​ Loving others helps us recognize our own limitations: physical, spiritual, relational, emotional, or intellectual; speaking truth to those limitations may include going somewhere outside of the NorthPointe building to tell others about Christ. It really begins with understanding who Christ says He is and who Jesus Christ says I am. I response to others based on believing God’s love and our value in Him, whether in hospital waiting rooms, classrooms, tutoring spaces, food drives, cleaning up parks, bringing cake to neighbors next door or clothing to neighbors across the ocean. Loving the orphan, widowed, outcast, and marginalized as Christ did requires us to be present and prepared; so we go out

The ​IMAGE MANDATE​ calls us to reflect Him who is ​up​, a holy God. I have the privilege of teaching the historical accounts in Genesis. The content of what I teach identifies beginnings and origins. I take very seriously the Word of God, using its meaning for our study and application. I intentionally create discussion questions and study habits so that my students have the best opportunity to read and understand God’s Word on their own beyond Bible class. Additionally, I guide students on vocations, goal setting, and career exploration to uniquely identify individual interests, gifts, and contributions to serve the community. To be made in God’s image gives each of us hope, purpose, and life.