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Sarah Luckey

Sarah Luckey
SI 5th Grade Teacher
Groups: Elementary

Growing up in a Christian home, I thought my faith was solid.  After all, I obeyed all the really important rules, and confessed all the sins I could think of.  My parents reminded us at every opportunity that it was very easy to stray down the wrong path and end up a lukewarm Christian.

While I considered myself a strong Christian, I discovered that relying on Christ required me to respond to a personal relationship with Him.  I gave him my heart when I was 13 and have followed Him ever since.

This relationship grew and was also challenged as I matured.  College was a difficult time as I struggled with personal weakness and sin, but I was strengthened, renewed and forgiven as I started my married life with Mr. Luckey.

As I am now in the married life phase, I rely on Christ completely throughout my day, for decisions big and small.  He is my fount of strength and love, and the inspiration for the love I strive to express to my students.

I am so thankful He blessed me with the opportunity to be a teacher, and I cannot express my gratitude over being chosen to teach at NorthPointe.  The support of the staff and families blesses my heart daily.

Studying Spanish as a Christian means that knowing another language is not merely a way to help oneself advance into a new career field.  Knowing Spanish as a Christian means that I am acknowledging that other nations on our planet are valued members of the Body of Christ and I am privledged to communicate with them.  This respect leads me to want to know their language and to want to bless others with the knowledge that they too can communicate with our neighbors in ease.

In my classroom, students will learn many logistics in the study of language, but we will also delve deeply into culture and many issues facing Spanish-speaking nations today.  We will strive to care for others more deeply, and brainstorm ways to give to those around the world who are different from us.  This cultural awareness reflects the way Christ asked us to go into all nations, preaching the góspel and loving our neighbors.

I hope that all students in my class leave knowing that I care for them and am praying that they might impact our world for Christ, hopefully one day through the beautiful Spanish language.

Life Verse:  Isaiah 26:3 “You, oh Lord, give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in You.”