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Noel Hayden

Noel Hayden
Noel Hayden
Big Picture Learning
Groups: High School
Employed Since: 8/21/2017
1 Years Experience At School

Faith/Learning Statement

Noel Hayden--Personalized Learning Teacher

When I look at the world around me, and within myself, I see brokenness. Without God, brokenness remains. However, I believe God is wonderful, glorious, and on a mission of redemption! I believe God’s plan since the beginning of time was Jesus. Jesus’ life shows us how to live, and through His death we are offered amazing grace. He didn’t stop there; God sent His Holy Spirit to work in us and through us to accomplish  His redemptive work.

Image Mandate: Every student in this school is a child of God, adopted into His family. My goal is to make students aware that they are loved by Him beyond any human love. Our Lord delights in His children! I love the thought from CS Lewis that every person is unique and thus every person shows us an aspect or piece of the image of God we would not otherwise see. In class we learn about people from all over the world and in all different times to expand our view of our God. We also explore our own personal gifts, abilities, and desires to see how God has shaped us uniquely.

Mission Mandate: What does it mean to be a disciple? To be a disciple of Christ means desiring to be more and more like Him. How can you become more like someone? You learn about them put what you learn into practice. In our class we learn about Christ through His Word, through adult modeling, through prayer, through listening to Him, and through discerning the difference between Him and the world around us. I love the idea that we take part in God’s story by participating in a throughline (this is a concept that come from “Teaching for Transformation”). In everything we learn and do, we wonder if we can do it so that we are God Worshipping, Idolatry Discerning, Earth Keeping, Beauty Creating, Justice Seeking, Creation Enjoying, Servant Working, Community Building, Image Reflecting, and Order Discovering.

Love Mandate: To me the love mandate is tied heavily to the mission mandate and the idea of redeeming this world for Christ. If we are striving to become a disciple of Christ and to make disciples, then we are invited to love God with all that we are. In our classroom students work on projects that extend beyond themselves. A part of the program that I teach enables students to leave the school and participate in shadow days and internships. Through these opportunities, including projects within the internships, students can spread God’s love here and now beyond the school.