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Kaelynn Clark

Kaelynn Clark
2nd Grade Teacher
Groups: Elementary

Faith/Learning Statement

Kaelynn Clark—Second Grade

Each of the three mandates at NPC fit together like a puzzle. In order to share and reflect God’s love, you must also understand how to communicate it to others. To be able to teach that well, you must also understand that we are here to care for and steward what is around us. To care for God’s world, we teachers have to show students that God rules over it and show students our awe at what He has created. As a Christian educator, I believe I am called to grow in my ability to share all three of these mandates with my students. For me teaching is more than reaching the academic goals set before me. It is to take the love and desires God has given to me to love, teach His truth, and stand up for what He has placed here for us to use and enjoy.

To truly love and reflect that love and passion, I have to God and to my students, I need

to have a heart that loves the God who created all things. It happens when I celebrate students’ work even when they did not make their goals. It is pausing during a lesson and wondering where we may be able to find God in the mystery of math, science, or language. For me to “Love the Lord your God” means we take the time to celebrate the small victories and the lessons learned. It means I find ways with the class to help each other. By doing so we look beyond our selfish desires to see the gifts of classmates and encourage them.

The mission mandate calls for us teachers to make disciples, a process that requires time, diligence, and understanding. It starts with understanding what Christ has done and placing our faith and trust in Him. In my teaching, I want to take every aspect, thought, and decision captive to see if it lines up with God and His Word. As we look for how God is in every aspect of life, I want to share awe and amazement for God.  In conversations with students, I will show how our Creator is interwoven in every aspect of life, thus helping students develop the language and understanding of how to talk about God with others.

Being made in God’s image, and called to love Him and his world, I need to show students that loving God includes becoming stewards of our world. God is a creative, loving, passionate God who had created us to reflect Him and these attributes in our caring for his world. As students grow and discover their own gifts and passions, I want to direct them to show kindness to others, to help those who struggle,  are we learn how to use them to show kindness, assist others who are struggling, and receive help from others. Besides, I want to teach my students to see both the beauty in God’s creation, to take care of it, and use it for good.